Simlipal: Everything you want to know and best place to stay

Simlipal home of tiger, elephant and gaur amidst semul trees, Joranda and Barehipani waterfalls is an excellent place for nature lovers

Simlipal: The wild Beauty

Simlipal, known for its national park and Tiger Reserve, is located in the northern part of the Mayurbhanj district of Orissa. Adorned with beautiful flora and fauna, Simlipal derives its name from the Simul Tree of Bengal. The area of Simlipal is the proud claimant of being the largest wildlife sanctuaries of India and in 1973 it became an essential part of the Tiger Project.

The Simlipal National Park is nature’s boon of bio-diversity not only in terms of wildlife but also in faunal diversity. Bordering the Santhal Tribal settlement, Simlipal provides us with a complete ecosystem conducive for floral, faunal and human habitat. Filled with plateaus, meadows, gushing rivers, waterfalls, and dense forests, this area is nothing less than the gift of nature making it a traveler’s paradise. It was also here that the Mugger Crocodile Scheme was launched in the year 1979. The Simlipal National Park is not only the home to the highest tiger population but also elephants, leopards, Sambar, barking deer, hill mynah along with more than three hundred species of birds and sixty species of reptiles. The heritage trees of Sal and Simulare predominantly found here. Simlipal with its National Park is purely nature’s bliss.


How to Reach Simlipal:

Simlipal is well connected by all means of transport.

Simlipal by Air: The nearest airport is Bhubaneshwar or Kolkata which are 270kms and 240kms from Simlipal respectively. From the airport, you can hire a private car or a taxi and drive straight down to Simlipal.

Simlipal by Train: Located at a distance of 76kms from Simlipal, the nearest railway station is Balasore. It is well connected with major cities like Kolkata (Howrah), Midnapore, Rourkela, Sambalpur, and Hyderabad.

You can check out the   Trains from Howrah to Balasore

Simlipal by Road: The best way to reach Simlipal is to travel by road. It is roughly a five-hour drive from Kolkata and the roadways are beautiful. The scenic and the picturesque beauty of the place is best enjoyed while traveling in a car.

To reach Simlipal National Park, the central most area is Baripada which serves as the entry gate to the National Park and is also the headquarters of Mayurbhanja district.  Baripada is about 270 km from Bhubaneshwar, 204kms from Kolkata, 55kms from Balasore and 16kms from Pithabata respectively. Bus, taxi and private car services are easily available from here for tourists.


Simlipal Temperature and Weather:

Simlipal experiences all the distinct seasons throughout the year.

The monsoons of Simlipal last between the months of June to September and receives moderate to a heavy amount of rainfall. The thick dense forests look beautiful with all the greens. However, doing touristy events might get limited due to weather conditions.

Simlipal experiences summer from the beginning of March till the end of June. The summers are hot and humid and the average temperature ranges between 25 degrees Centigrade to 44 degrees centigrade. It is better not to visit Simlipal during these months of the year.

The winters in Simlipal are beautiful. The temperature ranges between 13 degrees Centigrade and 25 degrees Centigrade. The winter months of Simlipal are from December to February. It is comfortably pleasant during the daytime and the evenings are quite chilly.


Best Time to Visit Simlipal:

The best time to visit Simlipal is during the winters which last from the beginning of December till the end of February. The thick dense forest looks beautiful with all the renewed greenery after the rains. Touristic events are fun doing this season because of the comfortable weather. The best months to visit Simlipal is from October to February.


Simlipal Attractions:

  • Simlipal National Park:

    The National Park is a must visit for those who are traveling to Simipal. The beautiful thick forest which is the home to a wide variety of wildlife is the major attraction of Simlipal. The biodiversity in flora and fauna will blow your mind away! The rivers, the waterfalls, the plateaus and the wide range of landscapes in the National Park are breath-taking.

  • Barehipani Falls:

    Considered to be one of the highest falls in India, the Barehipani Falls in Simlipal National Park is a two-tiered waterfall. Emerging from the Meghasani Peak- the highest peak in the Reserve- it is the most spectacular waterfall which gushes and ravages down from a height of almost 400m. The Barehipani Waterfall area is considered to be the most beautiful area of the reserve with the majestic green backdrop of the dense forest. The waterfall creates a pond below where tourists can even take a dip and have an experience of a lifetime.

  • Jaranda Falls:

    The Jaranda Falls falling from a height of 150m provide another picturesque view of nature’s bounty in the Simlipal National Park. Nestled in the heart of the dense forest, this waterfall is located in the core area. The splattering water droplets and the gushing sound of the fall in the backdrop of the thick vegetation make it look surreal and ethereally beautiful. It is an ideal spot to spend the day with your loved ones inhaling the pure oxygen surrounded by the greenery. Simply put, it is a part of nature’s paradise.

  • Kuliana, HaripurDeokund:

    These are places in and around Simlipal which are filled with history. Kuliana is a reserve of Paleolithic Art while Haripur was initially the capital of the Mayurbhanj State. Deokund, on the other hand, is famous for its shrine dedicated to Goddess Ambika.

Inconclusive, Simlipal is not only adorned with natural beauty but also forms an integral part in the historical and archaeological field of West Bengal.


Tour Plan of Simlipal:

A four-day tour to Simlipal is best to cover the whole of it including jungle safari and sightseeing in and around the area.

Day 1: Leave for Simlipal on road or by train from Kolkata and reach Baripada. Travel time from Kolkata to Baripada is of roughly 5 hours on road. Halt the night in Baripada.

Day 2: Leave for Jungle Safari after breakfast. Travel through the deep forest and witness the variety of wildlife and enjoy the beauty of the Baheripani, Joranda and Uski waterfalls. You can also visit the core zone of the forest and try your luck in witnessing tigers and elephants. Come back to Baripada and stay the night.

Day 3: Leave for local sightseeing in and around Simlipal like the Ambika Devi Temple and the Crocodile Farm. Visit the local Santhal tribes and experience their rustic livelihood. You can also visit the local market areas. Stay the night after the day tour.

Day 4: Leave for Baripada/Balasore as per your scheduled transport.


Hotels in Simlipal:

You can appreciate the beauty of nature to its fullest while staying in a fabulous place, right in the midst of the wilderness. There is a number of forest lodges and guest houses in this area where you can stay very close to nature. However, these stays do not devoid you of the comfort and basic staying amenities- experience rustic forest life amidst nature with the comfort of urban life. There are hotels and resorts too if you are looking for peaceful holidaying experience. In short, lodging near this area will enrich your entire wildlife and forest experience.

We are gallivanted just like you are. We here at Nomadic Weekends will help you to find the best place to travel to, provide you with an itinerary and the perfect place to stay as per your personal needs. Join us and have a travel experience like never before.


Our Nomadic Find:

Here in Simlipal, we have one of our best finds.  Located on the banks of the River Palpala, in Lulung, this exotic forest resort is only 25kms from Baripada. Bordering around the eastern fringes of the Simlipal National Park, this is one of the best stays in the area. Here we provide you with one of the best-staying experiences right in the midst of the dense forest- with comfortable accommodation and delicious food. If you are the adventurous kind, we have activities organized for you to satiate the adventure bug. Stay here and take back with you a once in a lifetime experience.


Simplipal Best Accommodation:

We take pride when we say that we have one of the best stays in our bags when you are traveling to Simlipal. Not only do you receive a comfortable stay with luxurious amenities amidst the forest, but we also have provisions to keep you active throughout the day within the resort with pools, badminton and volleyball courts, a plant nursery, a star-gazing center and also a library.


Simlipal Activities:

  • Trekking: Travelling to the Simlipal Forest and not trekking through the mountain trails, is a hit and a miss.
  • Cycling: Cycle through the mountain trails and explore the virgin wilderness of the forest.
  • Picnicking: Spend a day with your loved ones amidst nature and soothe your mind having a picnic by the babbling Palpala River.
  • Bird Watching: If birds interest you, then bird-watching activity is a must for you in the neighboring forest area.
  • Studying Orchids: The orchid flowers are a major attraction of this area. If you are looking to appreciate some wild orchids, the neighboring forests are the right place to be.

Price of Simlipal Luxury Stay

  • River View Cottages (INR 5000 + 18%GST): Private cottages for feeding your mind with calm and serenity, overlooking the river and breakfast for 2 included in the price.
  • Suite Cottages (INR 6000+ 18%GST): Soak in the soothing sound and fragrance of the Simlipal Forest with your loved ones with breakfast for 2 included in the price.
  • Meadow Suites (INR 5500 + 18%GST): Enjoy the greenery of the surrounding areas while staying in these suites which have a provision of 1 bed-room and one living room, accommodating up to four in each room and breakfast for 2 people included in the price

Child Policy : Children below 8 years are complimentary and rest we charge as full amount.

Other price for reference:

Lunch 525 and dinner 683/- per person.

Extra person charge : INR 1680 including breakfast and GST.

Driver Accommodation available : bunkers accommodation complimentary for drivers but food is on chargeable basis. If he eats in staff cafeteria he pays only 50 rs per meal. But if he eats in restaurant he pays like what’s guests pays to us.


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