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Weekend Destinations Near Kolkata

A carefully chosen list of places that are nearby Kolkata and within 0-200 kms .Whenever you feel like taking a short tour or go to a Weekend Destinations Near Kolkata, think about this space. From road trips to places connected through train or other facilities we have it all here. In every place that you go, you can expect the best standard of property, warm hospitality and a culinary delight. Be it luxury or a budget place that you are looking at...we have it all. With the diversity that Bengal and nearby states have in offer makes it a vary varied collection of memorable experiences, from hills to sea from jungle to lakes from rivers to rural surrounding this is a eclectic collection of best of the bests. So, plan your weekends in advance or call us up anytime you feel like taking a pollution free breath or spending some quality time at leisure with your loved ones.