Garchumuk Villa Beside Ganges

Just 2.30 hour drive from Kolkata Garchumuk is an excellent weekend destination and picnic spot by the side of the rive Ganges
Garchumuk A top weekend destination and picnic spot in the new normal

As our lives are getting back to somewhat of a normal rhythm, the urge to travel is returning. However, there is one visible change in this new normal. Travellers are opting for the weekend and tourist spots to the distant tourist attractions. One such eccentric weekend attraction spot is Garchumuk.

Garchumuk: A quaint weekend travel destination

A lesser-travelled option, Garchumuk is an offbeat weekend destination. What makes it nicer is that this place is located just a couple of hours away from Kolkata. It is in the Howrah district of West Bengal. The destination is adorned with lush greeneries and exceptional scenic beauty over the river Ganges or Hooghly . Garchumuk lies in the confluence of two important rivers of Bengal- Hooghly and Damodar. If you wish to savour the peace and tranquillity, there are now a few good options to spend the night in here.

Why go to Garchumuk: highlights
Nearness to Kolkata :

Just 2.30 hr drive from Kolkata. Garchumuk has a barrage that is built at the meeting point of Damodar and Hooghly. It is locally known as the Atanna gate as there are 58 lock gates in the Barrage. The place is a favourite amongst nature lovers because of its calm, relaxing essence. The breath-taking yet simple natural beauty of this place is a much-needed splash of nature we all long for, after a tedious week of work, city life and not to forget, pollution.

Great Picnic Spot :

They say that “The grass is always greener on the other side” but that is not entirely true in case of Garchumuk. The river banks are enriched with thick green grass and large trees which can provide you shade and a great dose of pure oxygen when you sit under them. The shade of trees and carpet of grasses makes it a very preferable choice if you’re searching for a picnic spot. One does not have to be lucky to spot a gull or a kingfisher plunging into the water to catch a fish, while they are enjoying their picnic or maybe just enjoying silence being a part of the beautiful landscape.

Beauty of Riverbank :

While you spend a serene time at the riverbank, it is very common to see some local fishermen spreading their fishing nets into the water to have their catch of the day. If you are willing to pay a few bucks, they will happily sell you some fresh and sparkling freshwater fishes. A boat can also be hired, and you can roam around in the river. The sunset in the river banks is a marvellous affair to watch, it would be wise to not miss it. If you are someone who is tired of the busy life in a city, its traffic and pollution, Garchumuk can give you the much-needed break and relaxation amidst the lavishness of Nature, at just two hour’s drive away.


Garchumuk Villa beside the Ganges

Our stay option, the Garchumuk Villa beside Ganges is located inside a residential complex in Belari, just 2 km from Garchumuk.  This location will suit you if you are travelling with a larger group of friends and family.  The Garchumuk villa is in the corner plot of the residential complex. You will not face any obstacle to gaze in the beauty of the river, flowing past just after 150-meter open space.

There are two rooms with attached bathrooms in this property. The rooms are equipped with basic modern amenities and comforts, so you will not face any trouble. It can easily house two families or 10-12 family members with kids in here. There are hot kettles and aqua guard in the rooms. If you wish to cook, there are supplied utensils in the kitchen. And if you are not in a mood to cook, do not fret. There are helping hands who can cook for an added charge for the gas. The property is undoubtedly one of the best options to stay for a weekend in Garchumuk during COVID times.

Accommodation:     Homestay in duplex bungalow. Two Standard family rooms with a double bed in the first floor. One single bed in the ground floor. Ideally the villa accomodates 5-6 heads but 8-10 people can also stay. Dayouting for 10-16 heads are allowed. A fully equiped kitchen and one outside barbeque arrangement is present. Gyser, AC, electric kettle, aquaguard are present along with soap and sanitizers.

Check-in 10:00 A.M
Check out 09:30 A.M.


Outdoor Activity

In-property experience:

There is a shared lawn in front of the property. You can spend long hours there, relaxing and soaking in the river experience. You can also see the ships passing

There is a BBQ option on the property, which you can enjoy in the evening.

There is a fish tank in front of the property, where the children can spend quite some time. Also, do check the duck pond, complete with ducks in the backside of the property.


Nearby Attractions

Atanna Gate: It is the top attraction when you are visiting Garchumuk. Basically it is a water barrage, where there are 58 lock gates, hence the name Atanna i.e. 58 gates. You will see a shallow water body around, where you can see a number of aquatic fauna, and birds who feed on them. It is a good place to see migratory waterbirds in winter. If you are a birdwatcher, you will love it here.

Garchumuk Deer Park: Another top spot amidst nature that you must visit in Garchumuk is Deer Park. This planned forest is a home of a number of deers. The elegant runner family lives on the lush green lawn. You can see them going on their daily routine without a care for the tourists. It also houses a number of resident as well as migratory birds.

Children Park: Near the Atanna gate, you will find the children’s park. It is located by the river confluence, which offers a good view. This place is a must-visit if your team has a number of kids in it.

If you have time on your hand and do not mind a longer route, you can cross the river and go visit Falta and Diamondharbour. Also, on the other side of the river, there is Mahishadal, where the Rajbari is a must view.

How to Reach

Rail: The nearest rail station is Uluberia. It is connected with Howrah in the south-eastern railway. From Uluberia, it takes around 50 minutes to reach here by car. You can also avail bus and trekkers.

Air: The nearest airport is Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Airport, Kolkata. 67 km away and takes a car 2 hours 20 minutes to reach the place.

Road:  From Kolkata, the property is approximately 60 km away, and it takes around 2 hours 40 minutes to reach by car on NH 6. If you are coming on a bus, hop on from Esplanade to the Gadiara route, and get down at the ‘58 gate’ stop.

Best Time To Visit

As it is a weekend destination, and on the riverbank, you can visit almost any time of the year. Still, the winter months are a tad better. You can walk around or sit on the river bank for hours and enjoy the sunny day for a great experience. Monsoon months from June to September carry a rustic charm that you will love too.

Pocket Pinch

Pocket Pinch
Entire villa for 4 to 6 heads max charge INR 7000 + GST per day

For 7 to 9 heads max the cost of the Entire villa is INR 9500 + GST per day

Maximum 10 to 14 heads can stay for which the charge will be INR 11500 + GST per day

For day outing for 10-16 heads INR 6500 + GST per day

cooking charges 500/- and gas charge 500/- per day.

Driver accommodation is extra at the cost of INR 400 per day.

Child Policy: Complimentary for a child under five years.

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