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G-Plot is a small island in the district of South 24 Parganas of West Bengal, at the confluence of river and sea. If you are looking for some unexplored divinity on the earth to crash down yourself in the lap of mother nature, then you must visit this mesmeric place.

This place is far away from the busy life of the city.  G-Plot boasts about the village culture and takes you far from the hustle and bustle of your daily urban life. If you’re comfortable in a less sophisticated stay having only a clean bed and neat bathroom and full of silence all over the place then you must come here as soon as possible before it becomes well known to the public and congested too.

Geography of G-Plot


G-Plot is an island Village in Pathar Pratima Block in South 24 Paraganas of West Bengal, India. It belongs to Presidency Division. It is located at a distance of 104 KM towards South from District head quarters in Alipore.  Patharpratima is 18 KM far from G-Plot. State capital Kolkata is 116 KM away from this spot.

The postal head office of G Plot is Pathar Pratima having a Pin code of 743371.

G Plot is surrounded by Namkhana Block towards west, Sagar Block towards west, KakDwip Block towards west, Mathurapur-Ii Block towards North. Nearby known villages are Patharpratima ( 15 KM ), Ramganga ( 16 KM ), Shibrampur ( 16 KM ).

Also, the nearby cities to reach G-Plot are Haldia, Contai, Rajpur, Sonarpur, Tamluk.

This place is located very near to the beaches of the Bay of Bengal.

How to Reach G-Plot


G-Plot is well connected to all big cities of India via road, rail, and airways. Nearby Airport is Netaji Subhas International Airport or Kolkata Airport. Nearby railhead Kakdwip rail station.

If you are planning to reach the spot by car then it’s not at all a good decision for your smooth trip, because after reaching a certain distance from your location, you have to avail of the ferry ride, after parking your car in that area.

Following is the detailed root description to reach G-Plot, for your convenience.

You can reach this beautiful spot through 2 different routes, though it includes some break journey too. Let’s have a look into the details of the roots for your convenience. The first one is as follows:

Root 1:


Avail a train to Kakdwip, from there take a Bus to Patharpratima. It takes around 45 minutes to reach Patharpratima from Kakdwip. After reaching Patharpratima you can take a toto to reach the ferry ghat. From there you should take a ferry to Chandmari and get down at Chandmari Ghat. It will take around 1 hour to cover the distance. Here you will find local van rickshaws to take you to Gobardhanpur. You will reach the island in around 45 minutes after boarding into the van.

Also, you can look for the direct Bus service from  Esplanade to Patharpratima, which starts the journey every morning at around 5:00 AM. If you hate the break journeys you can avail of this option too. It will refrain you to take a train to Kakdwip and then a Bus to Patharpratima. You can directly cover a big distance through a single bus journey. The choice is yours.

Root 2:


The second root is described here as follows:

You can take a train to Lakshmikantapur. After reaching there take a Bus or Auto to Ramganga. It takes around 1 and a half hours to cover the journey from Lakshmikantapur to Ramganga. Ramganga is just the opposite ghat of Patharpratima, facing each other.

Here you have the option to enjoy a ferry ride to reach Chandmari Ghat, and it will take around an hour again to reach there. From Chandmari Ghat to Gobardhanpur the transport is the same as before, and that is the van Rickshaw, which takes around 45 minutes.

Where to Stay


Being an unexplored virgin island in the confluence of sea and river this place has not many hotels and resorts till now. Some nature lovers have converted a large place of the clubhouse into a homestay kind of place for enthusiastic tourists.

G-Plot Baghajatin Club Cottage


Some enthusiasts have renovated a big area of local village club into a cottage to support and boost tourism. This nice cottage has 3 bedrooms, which has the facility to accommodate 2 people in each room.

It also contains a spacious hall within. Here you can rejuvenate your stay with your family or team members and locals, having a cup of tea or you can just relax after a long walk on the beach.

The hall also serves as a dining place in the cottage, having a table on one end and 2 beds on the other end where another 3-4 person can accommodate easily.

So in total, the place can accommodate around 9 – 10 persons at a time. If you are not such a big group, no problem, this cottage would not allow another group of people with you. These people respect your privacy and understand your need to unwind with your people only, not within the outsiders.

What to see around G-Plot


The following are some of the most unique and best attractions of G-Plot.

Beautiful Birds around


G-Plot is a paradise for bird lovers and bird species explorers. Various kinds of birds increase the beauty of this place. You will be amazed to listen to these enchanting creatures throughout the day. Though you are not a bird watcher, these colorful chirping birds will certainly fill your heart with a lot of joy.

Kalash Island


If you have considered at least 2 days to unwind in G-Plot you can happily include the sightseeing of Kalash Island and Bonnie camp. Don’t go alone to arrange the trip, your cottage manager will be a better person to arrange the best possible budget trip for you.

Kalash Island is well known for Royal Bengal Tigers. It is also a part of Sundarbans National Park. This place lies at the estuary of the River Matla. You are only allowed to the beach with the guidance of special armed forest guards, as this place is very near to the core area of the forest.

You can see the Royal Bengal Tigers here as they come to this area to drink sweet water in the pond near the camp.

It is also the breeding ground of the olive ridley turtles in the period of the winter season. So they arrive here in great numbers on this beach for nesting.

Kalash Island is also well known for various kinds of coastal birds which will fill your heart with great joy and will add an extension to your trip. It’s a paradise for bird lovers and photographers.

Bonnie camp


Bonnie camp is situated just at the opposite island of Kalash island. It is also a very beautiful place to visit.

Bhagbatpur Crocodile Project


You can also visit the Crocodile Project at Bhagbatpur on your sightseeing trip. It can be a better addition to Kalash Island and Bonnie Camp.

Village walk


Never forget to get up early in the morning and explore the coastal areas around. You will find a lot of things there which you have never thought of.

If you are planning to roam around the place at night, don’t walk alone. Also please remember not to misbehave with the locals for any silly reason.

Boat construction watching


In the nearby area, you will find some people who are working hard the whole day to construct the big wooden boats. This will add a new dimension of experience to your trip.

Gobardhanpur Beach


There are 2 main beaches to walk around on this island, named Gobardhanpur beach and western beach.

Get up early in the morning before sunrise and walk for Gobardhanpur beach. Watching the rising sun from this beach will be a delight to your passionate eyes.

Western Beach


On the other hand, Western Beach is well known for sunset beauty. This to beaches are very near to each other which you can cover by walking a few minutes from your cottage.

Jhau Forest Greenery


G-Plot is a virgin area near the beach of Bay of Bengal. Walking through the dense Jhau forest is one of the greatest experiences you can have in this awesome spot. Watching the slow weaves from the Jhau forest, kissing the seashore will be a delight to your eyes.

Outside activity


In this awesome island, there is a lot more to do if you are energetic enough to explore the place. The following are some of them from a bird’s eye.


Take a walk

This place is a heaven for nature lover enthusiasts and photographers. You will find yourself amid the dense Jhau forest along the sea beach, after having a pleasant walk of at most 100 meters from the cottage.


Have Chat With The Villagers


If you are keen to explore the real-life and lifestyles of the villagers of various parts of India, then you should be delighted enough to talk with the locals here. These people are well behaved and very honest from the heart. They will welcome you in such a way that you are not an outsider but a family member of these people.

You can visit the local bazaar in the evening. Once you chat with the locals with a cup of tea you will be very happy to listen to various stories regarding the place which will indeed explore the hidden stories of G-PLOT.


Unwind in nature


This is such a serene and calm beauty with a pin drop silence around, almost all the time, you can get lost yourself in the breezy ambiance of mother nature, while just sitting in the balcony of your cottage.

Just allow the fresh air to penetrate your sense. You may feel so much relaxed here, that your inner self will ask you to have some meditation over there.


Fishy desires in beach


Sea fish is a big attraction for almost every beach lovers, who love to crash down amid the vast sea.

Here you can experience the reality of fishermen, fishing whole night far away from the beach in the middle of the vast unknown sea with the support of only a deem gas-lamp, and returning in the morning with a boat full of your desired flesh of fish.

You can wait for them near the beach. Talk to them and settle a deal to taste the different kinds of unheard delicious fishes.


Roam Around G-Plot


In a 2 day trip to G-Plot, you can opt for roaming around the place and have a glimpse of the local sightseeing.

Here you can have a look at the beautiful sights of the neighboring places like Dhanachi, Kalas, Bonicamp and Bhagabatpur Crocodile Project.

Vehicles can be arranged easily there by you or by your tour guide.

Weather and Best time to visit G-Plot


Like all other tourist spots near sea beaches, G-Plot also has a very pleasant and healthy environment throughout the year.

Summer remains hot here but it seems pleasant for the sea breeze. The airy atmosphere and the Jhau forest nearby bring down the temperature in Summer and make the place soothing for the dwellers.

Winter is also as pleasant as Summer. Here which won’t feel chilling cold but a calmness will reign around.

The rainy season is a little bit muddy in this area and boat rides become tough and risky at this time. But monsoon has its own beauty too to enjoy this beach.

Except for monsoon you can come here any time of the year to enjoy the fullest of the remote rural beauty.

The best time to visit this place we would suggest is the winter. As you will be very happy to see the Olive Ridley turtle in Kalash island who comes for breeding here at this time.

Pocket Pinch


G-Plot Cottage charges Rs.1200/- per head per day including food and lodging. Transportation costs, including ferry charges, train and bus tickets, Toto fares, etc. are minimal and as per the local rates.

Sightseeing vehicles and boat arrangements can be done by the managers of the cottage if you want, or else you can arrange it by yourself. It takes almost Rs.1500/- per head per day to see the nearby sightseeing.

Boat to Kalash Island takes around Rs.7000 to Rs. 8000. which can be bargained if your tour operators or cottage manager is with you.

Special Attractions


Besides the mesmeric virgin beach beauty, the main attraction of this place includes the calmness of this remote village with the chirping colorful birds and the curious eyes of the village dwellers having an open and honest heart.

Watching the Boat construction in your own eyes offers a unique experience to every visitor.

Kalash island and Bonnie camp are also the places to offer you the beauty of wild lives here. Besides the Royal Bengal tiger, birds, Olive Ridley Turtle and crocodiles here, you can also find the mangrove forest in these camps, having plants like Sundari, Garan, Geoya, etc.

So in brief, being a newly discovered tourist spot, G-Plot is ready to welcome you with its incomparable natural beauty, virgin beaches and essence of remote village lifestyle.

Therefore in your next vacation, plan accordingly and pack your bags to visit this place with a pre-booking of course.

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